Paint System

We Use the Best Paint on the Market

We use Glasurit Paint Systems exclusively in our shop. Glasurit is a German made paint line that is designed and used by such manufacturers as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and many other high-line companies. BASF started importing Glasurit in the 1980's and basically changed industry standards by introducing the urethane base coat/clear coat system. Here at Hudson Paint and Collision we were one of the first shops in our area to utilize the Glasurit Paint System.

We Can Accurately Match the Paint on Your Car

Through years of development BASF created one of the world's best paint matching systems. They utilize computer technology and a large number of paint variations to compliment the Glasurit line. Combining high quality paint with high tech paint matching, we are able to perform the best paint work possible on your car.


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